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Previous pageNext pageCape Maclear, Lake Malawi, Malawi

Cape Maclear from the hill behind Otter Point, looking NNW. Domwe Island is the large island at right.
The Ilala Gap is just out of sight behind the bush. Technically, Cape Maclear is the far tip of Domwe.
Thumbi Island West is the near one in the middle. Follow left where Thumbi is pointing; that's Mumbo Island.
Above Mumbo, just below the horizon, the Maleri Islands are dimly visible.

Evening falls at Cape Maclear, Lake Malawi. Thumbi Island West on horizon at right.

Cape Maclear area taken from the plane.

Cape Maclear in the distance. Taken near Cool Runnings, Senga Bay in the late afternoon.

Sunset at Cape Maclear

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