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Monkey Bay, Thumbi East Island bottom left

Monkey Bay on final approach, 26-April-1971. Thumbi Island East below left.
The Malawi Railways dockyard (top left), Fisheries Research Unit (right of center), and landing strip (just beyond top left of bay) can be seen.

Monkey Bay, Malawi: looking across the bay from the fishery research unit toward the dockyard, 1980.

Swamp at Monkey Bay, Malawi, with the Chauncy Maples and Ilala in the distance, 1980.

Monkey Bay, Malawi, 1971: a view from the peninsula to the south end of Thumbi Island East.
All the boulders and smaller rocks make a paradise for the mbuna, most of which feed on the algae growing in the shallow warm water.
The far shore of the lake's southeast arm is visible on the horizon.

The Motor Launch Ethelwynn Trewavas, heading out of Monkey Bay, Malawi, on a day cruise in the Lake Malawi Trawling Survey, 1971.

Monkey Bay, Malawi, 1971: the morning view from the bottom of David Eccles's garden. Thumbi Island East at left;
the east shore of the southeast arm in the distance, 25 km away. Note the weaverbird nests hanging from the foreground reeds.

Another Lake Malawi sunset, looking east (yes, east) from David Eccles's garden at Monkey Bay, Malawi (1971).
Thumbi Island East is at left; the far shore of the southeast arm is seen in the distance.

Monkey Bay

Monkey Bay

Monkey Bay

Monkey Bay

Larry Jonson at Monkey Bay

Monkey Bay. Thumbi East Island on the far left.

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